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Alright there! Welcome to our rockin' little drinkin'hole.
Thanks for comingto see us, get yourself a beer and check the place out.
If this is your first time here - we've got loads of great music for sale, in all sorts of formats. Some of it's been here for years, some of its just arrived and will be gone tomorrow.Not unlike the human condition eh? Oh aye.

You'll notice we don't charge silly prices and we stock everything and anything from the last 50 years. This is because we have broad tastes and absolutely no standards. We even stock Pat Boone records. That's how low we can go.
We do update the site when we're sober enough - so keep you'll have to keep coming back to see what's come in and what's gone out and to find out how many beers we have got thru' this year.
Just click on the links below to get rockin'!

****!!Hey I told you we'd get some more new stuff didn't I?****
We've taken a short pause from drinking beer to get a snack, see if the sun is still in the sky and also to update our lists.Go see if we've got something get your juices flowing and your nostrils flaring.

Thanks to everyone who buys our records and consequently provide us with much needed beer money.We LOVE ya!!!


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                 70'sPOP       70'sROCK      FOLK     SOUNDTRACKS,MUSICALS,ODDITIES
                 80'sPOP       80'sROCK      PUNK+NEWWAVE
                 90'sPOP       90'sROCK      WEST COAST

Check out Real Tasty Stuff for extra detail on especially interesting or rare records that are currently sitting here waiting for a good home.

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