bob dylan  Times They Are A Changin' / Honey Just Allow Me One MoreChance  cbs 201751 (7")  Vg(noc)  6.00
Bob Dylan  Watching the River Flow / Spanish is the Loving Tongue CBS 7329 (7")  Vg  3.50
Laura Nyro  Wedding Bell Blues /Stoney End  Verve Folkways kf 5024(7")  Vg(noc)  2.00
lyn & kathy wild mountain thyme/tibbie dunbar/jesus at the well/whigmaleerie waverley elp 143 (7" EP p/s) g/m 28.00
MIKE HARDING  Rochdale Cowboy / Strangeways Hotel  rubber Recordsadub 3A (7")  2.50
Melanie Didn't you ever love somebody / Dance to the Music neighbourhood records (7") Ex 3.00
ROBIN HALL + Jimmie MacGregor  We Belong to Glasgow  FONTANA6438 033 (LP)  Ex/Ex  6.00
simon and garfunkel  Simon & Garfunkel  Allegro all 836 (LP) Vg/Ex  18.00
Suzanne Vega  Left of Center / Undertow  A&M 320 (7" p/s)  M 3.00


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