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How to get your hands on the Goodies

Ok, this is what you have to do if you want to buy anything.

It's Simple.
1)E mail us to reserve the item.We hold any item for 10 days only.We'll mail you back to let you know if you've been successful or where you are in the queue!
2)Send us payment(see below) along with your name and address.
3)We ship the item to you First Class post within 24 hours.
Job done!!

Things You Should Know:*READ THIS*

1)We only hold any item for 10 days after receiving your reservation e mail.If you don't get payment to us by then, the item goes to the chronologically next e mail reservation.We will e mail you to alert you of this fact.Sorry but that's the way it goes!

2)Postage charges:Don't forget to add these to your total.It is VERY IMPORTANT!.We can't send you anything without you paying these charges.
     UK:7"/CD/Cassette  £1.00 then 25p per item
12"/LP/Videos etc., £1.50 then 50p per item
All items are sent in strong,secure packaging.

3)You have an absolute money back guarantee if you're not happy with any item but if you order something, tape it,scratch it and then send it back to us, I should warn you that we have a special deal with God to make your life hell inperpetutity.You have been warned!

4)You're more than welcome to send us your WANTS lists.We can't promise to find everything and anything but we know some really out of the way places to find rare stuff so try us out!

5)PAYMENT:You must pay us in £ Sterling no matter where you are in the world.The best way to do this is by International Money Order(I.M.O.) or by Travellers Cheque made payable to 'THE NORTH' in Sterling.You can also send cash but I recommend if you do, you send it 'registered mail' 'cos there's a lot of robbing gits out there you know(in case you hadn't realised)

6)Don't try and ring us up because we're always busy!Seriously.We have no time to answer questions about catalogue numbers,run off groove inscriptions or scratch and sniff sleeves!All info, on any item we have is on the web site.Any enquiries/questions should be done via e mail or Fax.We try and help if we can.

7)If you like what we do and the way that we do it.Write and tell us 'cos we're all insecure and in desperate need of public approval!!Free drinks and bribes of any kind are actively encouraged.

Our address is:
8 Town Street,
Old Malton,
North Yorkshire
YO17 7HB

FAX:(44) 01653 699411

                          50'sPOP                50'sROCK               BLUES                         SOUL/R& B
                          60'sPOP                60'sROCK               COUNTRY                   LIVE
                          70'sPOP                70'sROCK               FOLK       SOUNDTRACKS& MUSICALS
                          80'sPOP                80'sROCK               PUNK& NEWWAVE
                          90'sPOP                90'sROCK               WESTCOAST

Check out Real Tasty Stuff for extra detail on especially interesting or rare records that are currently sitting here waiting for a good home.

 ****HOW TO ORDER***

e-mail us with orders/questions/compliments

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