Be Bop Deluxe - Live in the Air Age (SHVL 816)

An album that shows why Bill Nelson is quietly revered amongst guitarists as just an awesome player.Check out 'Scenes from a Yorkshire Landscape' to cut to the chase.This record comes with an additional EP.Charted at 10 in UK and set the Hot One Hundred alight at 65.A superb live document from a superb band.Dig out £7.00 and buy it off us.

Fleetwood Mac - Man of the World / Somebody's Gonna Get Their Heads Kicked In Tonite (Immediate 080)

Their only release on Immediate.B side credited to EArl Vince and the Valients.Not released in USA this got to No 2 in UK in 1969.Not incredibly rare but Incredibly Good.

Fleetwood Mac - Did You Ever Love Me?/The Derelict (Reprise K14280)

Interesting 7" single from 1973 that rarely surfaces 'cos it just didn't sell..Both tracks from the 'Penguin' album.Didn't chart in UK or in the USA in this, their least popular phase of their career.This is a UK issue with a little damage on the label but otherwise excellent.A rare bargain at £4.00

Curtis Mayfield - Mother's Son(mono)/Mother's Son(stereo) (Curtom CR2006)

This is a USA single release dating back to 1974 on the label.The official release of Mother's Son was in March 1975 b/w Love Me Right in the Pocket.It didn't chart on either side of the Atlantic.'Not for Sale' printed on the label makes us think this is a promo copy or more likely a 'juke box only' release 'cos it has no centre.Either way this is a very rare and very tasty item for Curtis fans and is in excellent condition.Get it in your collection for just £4.00

Budgie - I Turned to Stone/I turned to Stone (pt.2)(RCA BUDGE 4)

On Orange vinyl 7"!A bit of classic Budgie riffing from 1981 when they got caught up in the NWOBHM thing even though they'd been around for years.In excellent condition, it's difficult to find in orange vinyl with no p/s.You can have it for £4.00 and one air guitar.

Simon and Garfunkel - Simon amd Garfunkel(Allegro ALL 836)

One of the rarest SampG albums around.This dates back to 1967 and it's 10 early songs(pre Wednesday morning 3a.m). brought out to capitalise on their current success on a Pickwick subsiduary in the U.K. only.It didn't chart of course.This copy is in amazing condition.There's a slight tear on the sleeve but the record plays like new.Worth owning just for the groovy picture of Paul and Art on the sleeve.Mmmm nice cape Paul.We're asking just pound18.00 for this rarity.

Randy California - All Along the Watchtower /
KillerWeed / RadioMan / Easy Love / Breakout
(Beggars Banquet BEG 82T)

The great and much missed Randy California on a rare 45RPM 12" single from 1982 in a moody picture sleeve.Plays excellent.Top quality guitar work from yer man of course.Not many of these knocking around these days because it didn't sell enough to get near any chart anywhere.Taste the great ones fretwork for just £6.

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Fireworks/Coal Mind(PolydorPOPSG 450)

This got to 22 in the UK in May '82.A near mint copy,this is one of the lesser known Siouxie singles and comes in a colourful gatefold picture sleeve.I can't believe we just ask £4.50 fo this excellent item.

Michael Schenker Group - One Night at Budokhan(Chrysalis CTY 1375(2LP)

Classic,barnstorming double live album from early 1982.Schenker on top form tearing through some great early 80's metal stuff.Worth owning for 'Attack of the Mad Axeman' on its' own.Was a top five album in UK,amazingly didn't chart in USA.This copy is in great nick and deserves a home with some massive speakers and understanding neighbours.A Tenner bags it.

Electric Sun - Earthquake(Brain 0060 196)

What can you say about Uli John Roth?Long revered as a guitarist amongst the Snakebite,headbanging generation.This is one of his best albums.Even the album artwork is done by Hendrix's girlfriend,Monika Danniman for that extra touch of credibility!If  guitar long work outs and a bit of cosmic widdlying are your thing.You'll love this.Send us £10 to get into Uli's trip.

Gillan - Mutually Assured Destruction(Virgin VSK103)

As you know,we like to highlight early 80's heavy metal here.This is another classic slab from Mr Nodule Throat.Comes complete with the anti nuke booklet/mini play thing.It got to the dizzy heights of 32 in the UK in '81.The record is near mint condition.Hardly been played. Needs some playing.£4 well spent .

Small Faces - Hey Girl/Almost Grown(Decca F.12393)

Way back,this one got to number 10 in the UK in May'66.One of their earliest singles and one which doesn't pop up that often these days.Now, this isn't in the best of nick.A bit scratchy admittedly but still a great slab of mid sixties pop and available at a knock down price of £4.00.

Bob Dylan -Times they are a Changin'/Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance(CBS 201751)

Everyone knows this track but actually holding an original copy from 1965,on the orange CBS label, is something special.Not released as a single in America, it got to 9 in UK.This is groundbreaking music.Things were different afterwards.A real piece of history for just £6.00.

Laura Nyro - Wedding Bell Blues/Stoney End(Verve Folkways KF 5024)

Nyro was a great singer.Fact.This is her first ever single from 1966.It didn't chart here or in USA but it's still a great record.In 1969 The Fifth Dimension took the A side to number one.Nyro remained undiscovered to most until her recent death.She only had one USA charted single(92!) and never troubled the charts in UK.This record shows where she was was coming from.

Dusty Springfield -  Wishin&Hopin'/I wish I'd Never Loved You/Can I Get a Witness/All Cried Out(Phillips BE.12564)

A 1964 EP from Dusty that didn't chart anywhere.Hence its a very rare one.This has come to us in Vg condition considering it was first bought 34 years ago.A long time ago and at £8 represents around 23.5p per year.Cheap?I think so!

Wham/Herbie Hancock - Club Tropicana /Rock it (Kelloggs KELL 4)

Why don't they give records away with cereal any more?Great idea.Special K speed Metal perhaps?Anyway, back in 1984 Kellogs did a whole range of these things.This is in mint condition too,not a rice krispie in sight.Obviously its quite rare so it'll cost you £5 for this 7" of Snap Crackle and indeed,gasp, Pop.

The Smiths - What Difference Does it Make? / Back to the Old House (Rough Trade RT146)

Can't believe its 15 years since this got to 12 in the charts.This is the rare picture sleeve with Morrissey as Terence Stamp(enigmatically) holding a bottle of milk.It's a mint copy too.
Groundbreaking stuff for £8.00

The Kinks - All Day and All of the Night / I Gotta Move (Pye 7N.15714)

Alright, we admitt it.This isn't that rare or hard to find.No.But it is 35 years old and it still sounds contemporary.Three very influential chords whether Jimmy Page played them or not!A jumping off point for hundreds of bands in the next 35 years, you really should own a copy of this record and thegood news is ,you can for a mere £3.25.

Scott Walker - Joanna / Always Coming Back to You (Philips BF 1662)

I have no idea why anyone likes Scott Walker but it takes all sorts to ...etc etc...Anyway, my sources tell me this is a collectable 7"er from the croonsome one.It was a No.7 31 years ago and this mint copy will set you back £10.00.Send monwey and an explanation of the mans appeal.

Abba / Shakin Stevens - I Have a Dream / Oh Julie (Kelloggs KELL 1)

Yes its Rice Krispie time again.A classic coupling this one.Another rare example of the breakfast cereal/music marketing interface so under exploited these days.In Excellent condition you'll need £5 to get hold of this fine item

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