charles mann  Walk of Life / My Life is a Lonely One  gumbo stew 1(7" p/s)  M/M  2.00
albert lee/bryn haworth 9 track promo sampler 1 side each a&m al/bh1 ( 7" )1979 Vg 4.00
Dolly Parton  The Seeker / Bargain Store  RCA GB 10676 (7")  Vg 3.00
emmylou harris mr sandman / ashes by now warner brothers k 17758 (7") vg 2.00
garth brooks The Red Strokes /Ain't Going down till the sun comes up Liberty cl704 (7")black label jukebox centre Ex 6.00
JIM REEVEs  A Touch of Velvet  rca international ints 1089 (LP)  Ex/Ex  8.00
Jim Reeves  Distant Drums  RCA Victor SF 7814 (Stereo LP)  Ex/Ex 5.00
jim reeves  DistantDrums / Old tige  rca rca1537 (7")  Ex  2.00
jim reeves  DistantDrums / Old tige  rca rca1537 (7")  Ex  2.00
Jim Reeves  Gentleman Jim  rca victor sf 7541 ( stereo lp)  Ex/Ex 5.00
jim reeves  I Love You Because / Anna Marie  RCA 1385 (7")  Ex  3.00
Jim Reeves  Moonlight and Roses  rca victor rd 7639 (mono lp)  Vg/Ex 8.00
judy collins  Amazing Grace / IPity the Poor Immigrant  elektra 2101-020(7")  Ex  3.50
marty robbins devil woman / april fools day cbs aag 114 (7") Vg 2.50
melissa etheridge  Bring Me Some Water / Occasionally  island 393(7" p/s)  Vg/M  3.00
red sovine  Teddy Bear / Daddy  rca 2738 (7")  Ex  1.50
dennis weaver McCloud Country djm djf 20479 (LP) Ex/Ex 3.50
dennis weaver Dennis Weaver djm djf 20504 (LP) Ex/Ex 3.50
SLIM WHITMAN  A Lonesome Heart  SUNSET 50003E (STEREO lp)  Vg/Vg 6.00


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                     80'sPOP           80'sROCK          PUNK+NEWWAVE
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