Cleo Laine & John Williams  Best Friends rca rs 1094 (LP)  Ex/M  3.00
louis armstrong the crescendo vol.2 ace of hearts ah 82 ex/m 11.00
sonny boy williamson  Take It Easy Baby EP  Magnum music group bmep 001 (7" p/s)  M/M  8.00
THE RIVERBOAT FIVE  From Natchez to Mobile FONTANA sfl 13051 (LP)  Vg/Vg  4.00
Ray Charles  I Can't Stop Lovin' you / Bornto Lose  HMV pop 1034 (7")  0.10
hal ' cornbread ' singer and his all-stars Blues in the Night  Summit lse 2051 (7" ep)  Vg/Ex  5.00


                    50'sPOP          50'sROCK         BLUES                    SOUL/R+B
                    60'sPOP          60'sROCK         COUNTRY             LIVE
                    70'sPOP          70'sROCK         FOLK   SOUNDTRACKS,MUSICALS,ODDITIES
                    80'sPOP          80'sROCK         PUNK+NEWWAVE
                    90'sPOP          90'sROCK         WEST COAST

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