90's pop
4 idle hands  99 Streets / Friday Man  Good Vibrations got 21 (7"fold out p/s)  Ex/M  2.00
adamski  The Space Jungle / The 2nd coming  mca 1435 (7" p/s)  Ex/M 1.50
Danni Minogue  Jump To the Beat / Jump to the Beat(lp edit)  mca1556 (7" P/s)  M/M  1.50
jesus jones  Who?Where?Why? / Caricature  food 28 (7" p/s)  M/M 2.00
lemonheads  Confetti / My Drug Buddy  atlantic 7430 (7" p/s) promocopy  Ex/M  4.50
matt bianco  Macumba / Wap Bam Boogie  eastwest yz 597 (7" p/s)  M/M  1.50
seal  Future Love Paradise / A Minor Groove / Violet  ztt zang 11(7")  4.00
seal  The Beginning / Deep Water(acoustic)  ztt zang 21 (7" p/s) M/M  3.00
seal  Violet / Wild  ztt zang 27 (7" p/s)  M/M  4.00
They Might Be Giants  The Guitar(uk single edit) / the guitar(williamsburgextended mix)  elektra ekr 145 (7" p/s) promo copy  M/M  2.00
thompson twins  Come Inside(c&c club mix edit) / come inside(feedbackmax house mix edit)  Warner Brothers w0058 (7" p/s) promo copy M/M  3.00


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